Survivor Worlds Apart predictions – Final Tally

So, this was a disaster. The first time we (well, I) decide to publish our weekly predictions and it’s probably our worst season ever at doing it. I dunno, maybe we also sucked in Cagayan. The difference this season is that we never had back-up picks, so in the pre-merge phase, we were stuck trying to guess which tribe was going to lose as well as who was going to go from that tribe. That’s the excuse I’m going with anyway.

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Our Survivor Second Chance Content

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Survivor fans, with interviews and endorsements and predictions coming left and right. You can’t be blamed for having trouble keeping up. To help you out, here’s everything we’ve produced centered around next season. Tonight we learn who will be on it, but so you might want to catch up now. (Although if you don’t, it’s not like you can’t come back and experience some of this later. It doesn’t expire or anything).

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Final Predictions for Survivor Worlds Apart

Since we never seem to properly track these things, and we have a website, I’ve decided to make a weekly post tracking our predictions and who’s ahead in the score: me or John. More interestingly, we’re giving you all a chance to play along. Each week, we’ll post a poll to see who our listeners is going home in that week’s episode (no spoilers!). At the end of the season, we’ll see who was best at this.

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Interview: Survivor Second Chance nominee Shirin Oskooi (part two)

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Shirin Oskooi Second Chance interview, part two

Warning: This podcast is uncensored. And pretty profane. And talks about some stuff that you may not want children to hear. Or adults to hear for that matter. What I’m saying is, this is pure, unfiltered Shirin and you may not be able to handle it.

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Kass McQuillen interview

Interview: Survivor Second Chance nominee Kass McQuillen

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Kass McQuillen Second Chance interview

Tired of listening to potential candidates from this upcoming season yet? If so, could we interest you in the chance to WATCH and listen? In addition to the audio podcast above, you can also watch the live video broadcast of this interview by clicking below.
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Dan puzzle2

The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 13

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 12 (Podcast episode 12, Survivor episode 13- they had one week with two episodes)

We recapped the penultimate episode of the season as much as we could between technology issues, scheduling conflicts, and holding back vomit from thinking about Dan. You shain’t miss it!

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Shirin- bomb

Interview: Survivor Second Chance nominee Shirin Oskooi (part one)

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Shirin Oskooi Second Chance interview, part one

Just a heads up: We didn’t censor this one. And this is part one of two. In part one, we focus on Survivor-related discussions with Shirin. In part two, we ask about ridiculous things that generally have little if anything to do with the show or her experiences on it.

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