Worlds Apart Zero Percent Club- Episode 1

Hey Purple Rock followers, it’s your favorite guest podcaster Matt (and so help me, if you even thought for a second that I was gonna say Emma we are done). This is the first post of the (hopefully) weekly “Just how damn close to zero percent is that survivor contestant?”  (Note: name may change). The goal of this will be to both provide Andy and John a way to actually remember who they have inducted into the zero percent club, and to provide my own assessment of just how far away each contestant is from the zero percent club.  With no further ado:

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The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 1

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 1 (To download, right-click and select “Save link as…”)

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains vs. Hippies is underway! In the grand tradition of Survivor, Jeff Probst has assigned each tribe a label and stereotypes he feels are appropriate. But more importantly, Probst and crew have given us a group of people that generally know and understand the game. So how is it working so far? Continue reading


Max and Shirin fight for my love- Episode 1

Long before the Worlds Apart cast was announced, I already had a favorite player: Max Dawson. He made a not-so-subtle tweet indicating he would be on season 30, and the deal was sealed. A Brown-educated, snarky, Survivor-teaching professor with an amazing Twitter account? Who the hell could top that?

Enter Shirin Oskooi. Brown-educated. Survivor obsessive. Beyonce fan. Whiskey drinker. Amazing Twitter account. Possibly created in a lab as part of an experiment to develop my favorite Survivor ever. Continue reading


Survivor Worlds Apart hype man preview: Max Dawson

In hip-hop music, a hype man supports the rappers with exclamations and interjections and attempts to increase the audience’s excitement. In honor of Survivor’s upcoming Worlds Apart season, I’ll be picking out a few members of the cast and serving as hype man to get you excited about both the player and the game. And now, I present to you the final candidate: Max. Continue reading


The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart cast preview

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Fan-casting Survivor: Worlds Apart (a.k.a. Survivor: Collars- White vs. Blue vs. No)

It’s here! It’s finally here! At last you can find out who you should be rooting for in Survivor: Worlds Apart! There’s Shirin! Jenn! Dan! Max! And the rest! We discuss every single member of this season’s cast, and what we expect from each of them. Continue reading


Pundit time: Analyzing the Mr. Survivor field

Rob Has a Podcast- the second-greatest Survivor podcast on the internet- crowns a Miss and Mr. Survivor every year (with “every” meaning this one and last one in the case of Mr. Survivor). It’s a pageant that pulls its candidate pool from the two Survivor seasons that aired in the most recent calendar year. This post is provided to help you, the voters, determine the most deserving candidate. Continue reading