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Casting a Jury of All-Stars

Normally when fan casting for Survivor, we focus on who will play a good game, or at least an entertaining one. This is a little different. I don’t care how the following people played Survivor, I care about how they sat and watched other people play Survivor. I’m talking about the jury. But you probably guessed that from the title. If I were able to hand-pick 8 former contestants to serve on a jury for maximum entertainment value, these are my picks:

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Matt’s Fan Fiction, Predictions, and Evictions

One of the best things about talking about Survivor on the internet is that you can endlessly speculate on what will happen. Devising ridiculously complex scenarios for how your favorite player navigates the minefield to win the game is one of the joys of being a Survivor fan. But despite how terrible the predictions of others are, the story I am about to weave for you is 100% guaranteed to happen. (There are no spoilers involved in this, if it does happen to go down exactly like this you can only blame my uncanny knack for being awesome.)

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Interview: Emma’s experience meeting four Worlds Apart cast members

In case you weren’t aware, Emma has somehow become our go-to field reporter for all things Survivor. Actually, “somehow” is inaccurate; it’s entirely because of her proximity to Los Angeles-based Survivor happenings. It certainly isn’t for her photography skills, as demonstrated in her post about visiting the Survivor exhibit at the Paley Center.

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Purple Rock Survivor Podcast Prediction Standings – Worlds Apart Episode Ten

Since we never seem to properly track these things, and we have a website, I’ve decided to make a weekly post tracking our predictions and who’s ahead in the score: me or John. More interestingly, we’re giving you all a chance to play along. Each week, we’ll post a poll to see who our listeners is going home in that week’s episode (no spoilers!). At the end of the season, we’ll see who was best at this.

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The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 9

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 8 (Podcast episode 8, Survivor episode 9- they had one week with two episodes)

The image of Will’s lifeless corpse sliding down into the water turns out to be a metaphor for Joe’s game this week, as not even the power of Joey Amazing’s charming handsome beautiful charms (see what I did there?) could save him.  Continue reading